Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Air Force One take 2

About a year ago I was able to walk out on to my porch and see President Bush arrive in Denver on Air Force One. Unfortunately, I didn't grab my camera in time to get a picture. Well, this morning, the kids and I went over to a parking lot near AFB (about 1 mile from here) and we were able to get a great view of Air Force One and the V.P.'s plane. Is it Air Force Two? Anyway, very cool. Now as far a pictures go, my camera is in the shop, so I had to use my iPhone...not great pics, but pictures anyway. Enjoy!
Gavin hanging out of the sunroof waiting...

Air Force 2?

Air Force One!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trying to Catch up!

Here's a few pictures from the last couple weeks. Funny thing-I've been very careful with my camera the last month or so, terrified that it would break before our trip. Well, Lily was being funny today so I took a chance and got the camera out and took some pictures. Wouldn't you know-I left it on the table and Lily got ahold of it, betcha can't guess what happened next. Needless to say we ran to Best Buy to drop it off and I now have my fingers crossed that it will be fixed in time. Luckily I bought the no-questions-asked warranty when I bought the camera and I've gotten my money's worth for sure! (this is the 3rd time they will be fixing it-the 1st time bring when we were on vacation, hence the reason I've been so careful. Vacation without a camera is a bummer.)

Gavin at the Stock Show. He loved feeding the animals!
(for some reason, the rest of the pictures I took didn't turn out so well, bad lighting I guess)

Lily staring at herself in the mirror, true girl!
umm, eew gross.

Card Swap (February)

For group #1, the theme was a Valentine Treat. This was super easy! Stampin Up started carrying some die cuts awhile back and this was one of them. I filled it with some candy, slapped at stamped tag on it and I was done. Something that can easily be duplicated and mass produced for the kiddos for Valentine's.

Group #2 the theme is Birthday, which is a good thing because I'm about out of cute birthday cards and can't wait to get some tonight! (Melanie if you should happen to read this, Happy Birthday and your card will be on it's way soon) This is a card I actually made a few years ago for group #1. Luckily I had kept one, so I pulled it apart and re-created it. The first time I made it, I had found a template online that I can no longer find for some reason. Hopefully this card isn't too dated. ;)

I'm realizing too that this is not a very good picture, sorry about that.

Disney Autograph Books

Last weekend, Christiann and I had a full day of scrapbooking! We moved into Archivers for 13 hours and had a blast! We each did 20 scrapbook pages and some other random projects. One of mine was these books for our trip (10 days yay!) Now, I know Lily won't use hers for what it was intended, but she loves Pooh and I figured if Gavin has one, so should she. This way too, she'll leave his alone. Anyway, they were super easy to make using my Bind it All.

Kristina's Color Challenge #41

Oh my goodness, it's been a long time since I've been able to do one of Kristina's Color Challenges! Little Lily doesn't like me doing crafts. Or anything but pay attention to her for that matter. This little girl is pretty high maintenance, just as a little girl should be I suppose. Anyway, I love the colors this week and I think if I have time I want to make another card for Valentine's using them.

Here's what I used:
Paper-Stampin Up: Basic Grey, Basic Black, Whisper White and Riding Hood Red
Cuttlebug Embossing and Die Cuts-With Gratitude

Thanks for looking!