Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A few random pictures

Wow-it's been awhile since I've blogged! I can't believe how busy we've been.
I was trying to put these pictures in some kind of order, but it was taking way too long (I uploaded them in reverse order...)so I gave up!

Gavin working on his gingerbread house:

His finshed house:

My finished house:

Lily on Christmas:

Family picture:


This picture makes me laugh-it was Christmas morning and Gavin ran down those stairs soo fast!

Lily and her dolls:


Christmas Eve in their new jammies:

After we were all dressed in our jammies, Gavin noticed that the girls were in pink and the boys in blue. I didn't even realize that as I was getting them together:

Lily on Christmas Eve with her new pretties that came out of the pinata:

Gavin with Santa:

Lily's new game lately is to put her blanket over her head and walk around. One of these days she's going to crash into a wall...

Lily in her doll's pack-n-play, nice hair by the way: