Thursday, April 29, 2010

Disney 2010

We went to Disney this year with mom, dad, Steven, Jenn, Dylan, Hazel and Seth. So fun!! We did Disney's Give a Day Get a Day and traded them in for special fast passes to each of the parks. What a way to go! I think Steven said, the longest line we waited for was the bus. It was so nice to go to the front of the line on a lot of the rides. Only downfall I'm seeing now is that none of us took very many pictures. And not once did all of us pose together. :( Dad and I agree we need to go back and fix that! The kids had a great time and got along so well, although we knew they would-they play so good together. The grown ups had fun too-dad, Jenn, Steven and I went out a few nights without the kids and had a blast. This was our shortest trip, 6days, and we did more this trip than we have ever done before! We had so much fun! I don't have dad's pictures yet, but I'm sure there are some great ones that I will post later. For now here are a few of mine, I put some on Facebook too.
We went to the princess breakfast our first morning there-so magical! The girls (and boys) loved it! Grammy made them special dresses to wear and they were so cute! The hard part about these character meals, is that there isn't much room to move around and get good pictures. But, the kids have so much fun and get to spend time with their favorites!



Snow White:


Kissing Nemo:

Magic Kingdom:
We had breakfast at Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends:

Animal Kingdom:
I bought the leash for Lily, but only made her wear it this one day. The park was so crowded and I wanted her to be able to get out of the stroller when she wanted to.

Hollywood Studios:

This was my favorite picture that I took, they both love these movies so much:

Some of our favorites this time:
Anthony: usually he golfs a round or two, but this time he didn't. he loved rockin' rollercoaster (again) and loved riding it with Gavin this time. he got a trading pin with the word "boobies" on it and would tell anyone who would listen about it. we got to meet up with one of his high school buddies and his family and that was so fun.
Becky: love, love, love Toy Story Mania! Thanks to our fastpasses and our baby swap prowess, we rode this ride 4 times! such a great ride! i also enjoyed space mountain this time since they seemed to have made it more smooth. rockin rollercoaster was great too. my all time favorite though is still Mt.Everest. wow. love it.
Gavin: rode just about everything this time. (missed tower of terror because we were done that day and didn't have time) his favorites were rockin rollercoaster, star tours, splash mountain and dinosaur. he loved trading pins for others-he was constantly on the look out for what others were collecting. so thoughtful that sweet Gavin. he did so good walking almost all the time, which is quite a change from last time. he loved being on vacation with his cousins.
lily: what a difference a year makes! last trip she was pretty unhappy. she didn't want to be in the stroller and she didn't want to be held on rides. this time she was great at both! she was great on every ride she went on. she loved buzz lightyear and toy story mania. again she loved the characters, any and all. her favorite thing each night after dinner was to pin trade. we would head down to the gift shop and she would find salespeople to trade with. she didn't have any favorite pins, but had fun picking whatever she wanted in the moment.