Friday, June 10, 2011

Expo Washable Markers House Party

Have you heard of House Party? I hadn't either until someone told me about it. :) I can't seem to think of the best way to describe it-but basically it seems to be parties for companies with new products that they want to spread the word about. Anyway, I went to their website and applied to have a House Party sponsored by Expo Washable Markers and I was chosen to be a host! I have to admit when the huge box of free supplies came to the door, I was thrilled!

They sent me wipe boards, erasers, fine point markers and broad markers for everyone! But my excitement soon turned to worry when I wasn't getting very many RSVP's. Through this process I've learned that the website is a little hard to navigate and somewhat difficult to RSVP and, I think people thought I was selling something. Well, now I know that if I were to be chosen again, I would be more clear-no selling, only free fun stuff! The kids were over the moon excited about their party! We didn't have a whole lot of people, but we had a good time.
The kids played Jr. Pictionary with the markers, it was pretty fun to see the little ones trying to draw. And the bigger kids were so good with being patient with them.

We had some yummy food and then everyone got to take home their bag of treasures. I look forward to more opportunities to host again!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brownie Covered Oreos

Yup, that's right. Brownie. Oreo. yum-o
I found this recipe here and her pictures are waay better than mine, so go take a peek!
Start with a brownie mix-homemade or boxed. Mix it up then dunk the Oreos. I would suggest tapping a bit of the excess off, but making sure there's still some on the bottom. (I found that the ones I tapped too much off of were a little bit crunchy) I followed her advice and they came out perfectly. I think the key is to run around the edges with a knife right out of the oven. They come out looking like this, but after you do the knife thing they look more like a cookie.